The Algarve

Sun, the sea and the colours of the mountains. The beautiful landscape of the Algarve offers you the chance to recharge your batteries.

The Costa Vicentina is the Western southcoast of the Algarve. Streching from Odeceixe to Burgau, the area is a protected Natural Park. Life has a flow of peace and tranquility. The most usual sounds are birdsong and the crashing of waves on the beautiful beaches.

The Natural Park covers more than 70 thousand hectares of hills, marshland, imposing cliffs, rocky coves and broad beaches. The Costa Vicentina is a protected area since 1995. More than 200 different birds have been spotted in the park. The cliffs are a favourite stopping off point for birds on their way to Africa and an ideal place to make their nests. The huge Atlantic coast (80 km) is a paradise for fishermen and inland from the coast you find tiny villages where traditional agriculture is still practised.

Also the handicraft is manufactured by the local craftsmen. Their techniques taught by former generations produce a range of pottery, woven baskets, wooden pieces made from cork or olive wood or pieces made of linen and jute.

After discovering the landscape, you can taste the flavours of the traditional food. We suggest to try fresh fish and shellfish, like grilled sardines or ‘caldeirada de peixe’ (fish-stew).Or go safe for a chicken piri-piri (grilled chicken with hot pepper sauce). Don’t forget the famous regional delicacies, such as fig-, almond- and carob cakes and the brandy made from the locally grown medronho (arbutus-berry).

Some touristic places:

Algarve's capital Faro enjoys a central location on the coast and the old town has many historical monuments and a big shopping centre.Faro Airport is a location for many low priced charter destinations.

Lagos is a well-known touristic destination, with a beautiful marine and good restaurants and nightlife.

Aljezur has a coast marked with high cliffs. The hills of the hinterland are covered with vegetation as far as the eye can see. On the fertile fields and valleys the traditional organic vegetables, famous sweet potatoes and peanuts are still grown.

Inland you find Monchique and its famous thermal spa, in the Serra de Monchique mountains. Foia, the highest point at nearly 1,000 meters enjoys breathtaking panoramic views across the Algarve to the Atlantic.

Sagres is the southwestern most point. There is a fort to visit and a lighthouse with amazing views. Sagres’ waves and fancy nightlife attracts many young surfers.